The Social Schedule!

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At Purton Tennis club we ran a lot of social events last year and following the success (particularly of the tennis tournaments) we have scheduled in the events that are happening throughout this year so you can keep the dates free in your diaries!

So far, we have the upcoming Bowling Night at Shaw Ridge, followed by a curry at the Taj Mahal on the 10th March.

The Khalique Cup is scheduled for the 20th May. This is a mixed doubles event for both members and non-members to enter. Will Angie and Josh be able to defend their title?

The Captains Cup was perhaps the most successful event we ran last year. The tournament is in a ‘Ryder Cup’ style format (The Laver Cup stole our idea!). The entrants will be divided in to two teams; Team Jason and Team Sass. This tournament is open to ALL members including Juniors and is specifically catered for ALL abilities, every entrant will have a guaranteed amount of matches against evenly matched opposition to try and win points for their respective teams. A really great day last year!

There will be a Miller Cup this year, it is scheduled for 9th September. This will be Purton Tennis Club’s Open Tournament where players from the local area will play mixed doubles, and raise money for charity. More on this later in the year.

There will be another Christmas Party after the success of 2017’s bash, a date will be set for this closer to the time. There will be more non-tennis social events throughout the year and we will give the membership plenty of notice of these, so that you can all hopefully attend!

Event: Date:
Bowling & Curry 10/03/2018
Khaique Cup 20/05/2018
Captains Cup 01/07/2018
Miller Cup 09/09/2018

As many of the club members play at tennis events hosted by other clubs, we have found out the dates for these, and they are posted below. If you would like any information on the tournaments below, please let us know at and we can send through contact details. Good luck to all the Purton teams entering these tournaments!

Event: Date:
Chedworth 09/06/2018
Mintey Open 14/07/2018
Cirencester Over 45’s 19/08/2018
Pewsey Open 23/09/2018